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Thursday, August 19, 2010

GTFOH with that Dumb Shyt

Okay so you(babydaddy) call and say why I didn't call him and (our daughter) over.....well for one, you flake ass bitch....I don't have to call you about coming to see your fucking daughter. You are the absent parent....YOU have to call ME and make a way to be your child. You have to put forth the effort. HOW FUCKING DARE YOU(babydaddy) tell our daughter "mama didn't call so I didn't come see you"...ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! I just despise men who play games with there own kids. But fortunate for me I talk frankly with my daughter and she knew the game he was playing. Its just sad that some men are wimps and pussies when come down to being a parents. Me and her dad seperated the day I found him to be a cheat and a liar 5yrs ago and I have not one time ever slept with him or tried to reconcile. I do the back in forth shyt. When its over, its over. I have only tried to make sure he has my updated information so when he choose to he can be apart of his childs life. Other than that I DONT FUCK WITH DAT MOTHAFUCKA...PERIOD....  I'm just PISSED at the stunt he tried to pull today. SMH!

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