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Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm not even gonna lie

I am happy as shit the kids are back in school. WHOO HOO! You talking bout being able to run around nakid and scare my neighboors....not hearing the whinein and bickering....not hearing the "get out my room", "you shut up", "you ain't nobodys mama"......not hearing my front door open and close all dam day.....not cussing they ass out for standing in the fridge holding the door open and just looking in it every 10 mintues....not saying quiet it down I just got Muffin to sleep, or to hear that fucking 'geetar heerooo' (I know how its spelled dammit) blasting and then Muffin sqwak. Bless my heart.....PEACE AT LAST PEACE AT LAST.

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