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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pet Peeves (Beware, I don't spell check & I cuss) ;-)

I just feel like fussing.... You don't mind do you....
I don't like it when my kids know its the last roll of tissue, use it down to the last friggin square and as soon as I gotta take a hellish poop I sit all the way down and there is no tissue...and then I hear, oh I forgot to tell you...and of course by this time its 11pm at night and so I'm forced to use a dam baby wipe...GRRRRR
I don't like it when someone has to ALWAYS have a right answer to ANY question....and is ALWAYS itching for a debate (please sit your ass down and shut the fuck up)
I don't like it when because we have differences (not even arguements just we don't totally relate, but I thought we both were cool peeps) you wanna cut me off as if its your way or the me for me, I like you for you
I don't like it when my grandma (bless her heart) gets off in my buisness...calling me with dumb shit early in the moring asking me did I get the kids up for school, or reminding me to "be careful"...but don't tell me to be careful of what....I'm growner (yes I said growner) then a motherfucka...believe that....and that goes for all nosey meddlesome family memebers...
I don't like reminding a 8,15,17yr old to clean up there rooms and do there chours.....(if they can facebook,text,watch tv without being told than dammit GET YOUR CHOURS DONE!) That's a mommy rant
I don't like people who drive with the signal on and never get over. Just a driving they ass off. GET THE FUCK FROM IN FRONT OF ME!  WTF!!! I just want to friggin mace the shyt out of you YOU!
I don't like negative people who fake like they happy for you. BYE HATER!
I don't like it when any ole body think that they can just up and touch and try to hold Muffin or even fucking kiss her when we out in public or somewhere!! I had someone actually reach for her and started removing her from my arms. WTF?! GET YA GOTDAM DICKBEATERS OFF Muffin, or Ill fucking mace you in the retinas.!! Please&Thank you.
I don't like it when there's a family function or get together and you have that one person who thinks they can cook, but can't cook worth shit...and always making a whole pot of NOTHING...AND get offended cause they food still there at the end. Just bring pop and cups. Please and thank you.
Well I could go on....but would love to hear about your pet peeves/I don't like it when....

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm your Mama FIRST...then your Friend

If you have a teen or a tween than you understand were I'm coming from. I always have believed that in order for a child to respect you, from the beginning your child MUST know his role, and that's that you are the parent and make the rules with fairness and loving concern on there part. I don't play that shit of saying one thing and doing another. If I say NO its NO. If I say maybe and give you alternatives that you must follow in order to get to a "yes" out of me than you must do that. Children need to understand that rules are in place to protect them not to make life miserable and boring. Also children must realize what goes on in your household may not always be what's going in their friends household. All parents have there style idea of parenting. Some or strict and some are liberal and some don't have any rules what so ever. That is all fine. There is no handbook written that we as parents were given with a yellow highlighter to mark "keypoints"...most of us follow from our parents or someone they were parented by. Me personally am strict but I feel its done with loving care because I want my kids to understand that what they do NOW as children and young adults will FOLLOW them into adult hood. Wild child equals wild grown up. Umm....let me see.....NO I don't think so. I don't know if its just me, but when I send my kids to school or around some there friends, when my kids come home they almost need to be "reprogramed." I don't let my kids go ANYWHERE they want ANYTIME, they want and with WHOEVER, they want, and NO they can't have just any random kid spending the night and NO they can't just spend the night over there "friend" house cause that's they friend. See I'm the mama that want to meet the parent/parents and go into the home of the kids house MY kids are visiting...just to give see what environment my child will be in. I don't mind any childs parent who visit my home to just drop they kids off...I welcome you into my home. See how I live.....not because you being nosey BUT because you want to be sure your child is in a safe enviroment AND god forbid something happen, don't you want to be able to say to to police what I look like, what I drive, details about my house ect.....I sure as hell want to know those things, cause my kids are my babies (yeah I know only muffin is actually the baby, but my bigger kids are still my babies so jus hush *smile* ) I FUCKING LOVE EM! So please a mama/dad FIRST to your kids.....if they get mad, so what, you the parent run that household and they will be able to tell you love them even thru the discipline.  P.S.A... this blog was inspired due a 15yr old I LOVE to pieces but wanna go and throat chop. I'm just saying.