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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Im here

I still don't believe I got the job. I would never, looking 4 kids back in my life would of thought that I would be a breastfeeding peer counselor for W.I.C.....let alone a breastfeeding mom. I got my job offer letter Monday around 5pm in my email and I didn't check my email till about 8pm sneaking and checking it at my current job. I could of stood up screaming and hollering but I don't think that would of been appropriate seeing as I was in the middle of taking calls. I have been thinking the direction this is going to take me in. I see this as a stepping stone to being a Lactation Consultant. Thinking back again...I had never even heard of a LC before last year. I like the fact that I will and must be available to moms at a moments notice who need breastfeeding support. Just a kind word of encouragement or heading out to see them and get them and there baby going. My goals is too remove the wrong stereotype that breastfeeding is nasty and hard to do.
True breastfeeding is not for everyone....but as long as I will be able to I will help the moms and the dads realize the joy and benefits of nursing there baby. Today as I headed in here to work I realize that I will be free of this and on to bigger and better things and a new career move. God looked out for me and my family by providing me with this job opportunity. I feel good right. I really do.

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