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Monday, November 29, 2010

Muffin's purpose

I have been at work one month and 3 weeks. Time is moving right along and I wish I could slow it down. Working with moms everyday has been a wonderful experience. I especially love the moms who have never given breastfeeding any thought at all. There virgins minds are ripe for the picking. They are filled with tons of questions and need a listening ear. I've had a few who thought they had to drink milk to make milk...and since they didn't like milk, they couldn't breastfeed. So many myths and old school beliefs out there that you almost want to buy each mom a copy of the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. Now let's get to Muffins purpose. I feel Muffin was born with a purpose of more than bringing me unexpected joy, happiness and adding more love into our family unit....... BUT to be breastfeed and help me become a teacher to other moms. Muffin, mommy says thank you for learing how to breastfeed and being patient with me when I got frustrated and almost gave up. Yeah I know she can't read this right now and has no understanding of the benefits of breastfeeding except it comforts her and taste good. Basically if she wasn't born I would of never ever given breastfeeding a thought. Also big koodles to my girl Tina who was a big inspiration to me as well. She knew Muffins purpose to and I'm glad I had faith in all she (Tina) taught me. Well toodles for now got to nurse Muffin, she stirring and its almost 2am..her middle of the night snack. :-)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Why? (Venting)

Why is it people who shouldn't be allowed in a kitchen are ALWAYS offering a dish up for the holidays. *sigh* I know these are the things to expect when you choose to eat at familes. Okay so I always play it safe and make my bomb salad to bring. Tooting my own horn you may say...Hell yeah, taste dam good. You betta ask somebody about my salad..LOL. I am a firm believer in don't try to cover the real goods of the meal if you just can't cook. Were do I start.....let's see.....Turkey dry and not a lick of season.......greens unseasoned (just cause you add a few pieces of meat in it don't count).....mac/cheese (was SUPPOSE to be made by granny, was made by auntie) soupy and gooey disaster!....SMH!..Now don't get me wrong, I ate the shit out that dinner. I was full as hell when I left. Hell I had starved myself all that day for that meal. However I straight paid for the sins of the fucked up cooks later that night. (Use ur imagination) There was redemption tho, the desserts were awesome. Granny makes a chocolate cake that has been known to cause riots when there wasn't any left. Oh and let's not forget the delish sweet potatoe pecan coconuts squares with the buttery graham cracker bottom. Oh, but wait, let me tell you one more thing. I don't who sneak in some ole BULLSHIT peach cobble! It was store bought and horrible. Why would someone disgrace such a wonderful dish. If u can't make the dam dish leave it alone. Don't go get some store bought mess. GRRR! Just Why? That's is all.