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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I can do this!

Today was a very good day. I saw at least 6 pregnant clients who all said they would give breastfeeding a try and one who said she defiantly would breastfeed. All said they want to attend a breastfeeding support group which we are getting ready for January. Now let me get to the most exciting part. How about I had a mom who has twins and have been bottle feeding them for a month. She has been pumping and giving them formula as well. She and her husband want to eliminate the bottles and asked me..wittle ole help them!! I'M SO EXCITED and very Nervous at the same time. I also meet with a mom who had nipple damage and wants to start her baby back at the the breast as well. I feel honored and humbled that these moms are trusting me with helping them reestablish there breastfeeding relationship. This job had been a blessing for me and now its my time to get into action and give back to these moms. I would love any advise especially from moms breastfeeding twins or a mom of nipple damage. Also I tend to hit Twitter before blogging so catch me on there as I update what happens with these moms. ~toodles~

Friday, December 3, 2010

Its Against my Religion

Facebook got me fucked up. Maybe I'm just now seeing this or really paying any real attention till now. One of my friends Bday came up and I wanted to "send" them a gift. So after picking diamonds, flowers and chocolates...y'all asses had the fucking nerve to ask for my REAL LITERAL credit card information. Facebook, you really want real cash for "virtual" gifts...aka Fake gifts.....that the person will NEVER ACUTALLY, receive..just see on there page....a page y'all could delete any second cause y'all always changing the rules. Umm...NO! (FB) want people to pay with real money..Not! I don't get that all. I could understand maybe paying for some of the games..and that's a big MAYBE...but "gifts" aka FAKE...I don't think so...for one main reason I can tell you is ITS AGAINST MY RELIGION. That is all.