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Friday, December 3, 2010

Its Against my Religion

Facebook got me fucked up. Maybe I'm just now seeing this or really paying any real attention till now. One of my friends Bday came up and I wanted to "send" them a gift. So after picking diamonds, flowers and chocolates...y'all asses had the fucking nerve to ask for my REAL LITERAL credit card information. Facebook, you really want real cash for "virtual" gifts...aka Fake gifts.....that the person will NEVER ACUTALLY, receive..just see on there page....a page y'all could delete any second cause y'all always changing the rules. Umm...NO! (FB) want people to pay with real money..Not! I don't get that all. I could understand maybe paying for some of the games..and that's a big MAYBE...but "gifts" aka FAKE...I don't think so...for one main reason I can tell you is ITS AGAINST MY RELIGION. That is all.

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  1. LOL, I came across this myself a few times, and i thought to myself "they dont want my REAL credit card info do they ??" Its very ridiculou, but you know some people actually buy these "gifts" so the gimmick works for some, just not me, or you!!

    Dana (a new follower from BM)