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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Im a pitfully blogger (this I know)

So I'm going in the hall of shame for neglected blogs and I will accept my reward with my head held high. :) Alright so let me play catch up.

I went for my labor doula training with CAPPA this past November and it was AH-MAE-ZING... it really was. Meet some real nice ladies and the Kym Dalton (our trainer was spectacular!) Tons of information I didn't know and lots of note taking. Ive been to one birth already, done 2 postpartum visits, and I am currently on call for a birth. Helping moms thru labor, assisting with breastfeeding is very moving for me. Just being allowed to help a family with bringing life into the world ( and so much more) and then if they want help them with their breastfeeding relationship, is a honor. I'm looking forward to helping more moms over the years.

Muffin is still nursing and turns 2yrs old Jan 6 ( in about 10 days Ill have an official nursing toddler!) and then on the 10th I turn the big 38. That's totally a new blog post.

Potty training, um.... yea about that.....she is still cloth diapered, ( we still use the same exact ones I bought 12 months ago..not a leak yet, love my kawaii minkies) and tells me when she goes poo after the fact and when she goes pee. I catch her a few times a day and we make the potty but for the most part she not breaking her neck to the potty like I would like. We even have our special panties that we wear and she still add her special touch to them. *sigh* I think because I don't remember how potty training went with my last one (DD9) I'm kinda at a lost. Older kids (16.9 and my 19yr old) both of them were fully trained before they were 18 months. Basically I'm playing it by ear. I think by the summer we will be good to go. Her sitter is actively on board helping me with potty training as well to get it underway.

WIC is still the most wonderful job in the world to me. I LOVE with a fiery passion being able to assist my moms with breastfeeding and being of encouragement. I like that I was a formula feeder turned breastfeeder. Moms know that I can relate to almost all the issues they may have with breastfeeding. Many of my moms have the same misconceptions about breastfeeding (the babies bite the nipples while nursing, afraid someone one will think its "nasty" to breastfeed and flack from family) all those things I have been able to help moms past and keep them breastfeeding. So all is well.

Lastly, I am making plans to sit for the IBCLC in 2014. I'm following pathway 1 which is best suited for a WIC BF Peer, LLL leader, or BF volunteer type position. My goal is to service low-income minority moms who cant afford a IBCLC. Free services will be available to moms on a case by case bases. That is the vision. Another goal of mine is to be a midwife. Black babies have the highest infant mortality rate and I want to be apart of the process to bring that to a end. As you can see I'm going to be a busy bee over the years to come.

Until next time,

Saturday, August 20, 2011

One Way or the Other, You are Going to Take care your Kids

My childrens father have worked at the same resturant for some years now. Sometime ago I stop getting child support. I was under the impression he had stop working there. He was going thru some things (which I gave less than a real fuck about, cause as a single mama I go thru things all the time but I don't take a vacation and stop caring for my kids)… So I chaulked it up, and figured until he until he gets back to working child support will take it out again.

My friend went to eat where we thought he USE to work at and low and behold the bastard was there, cooking up a storm. She imm called me and told me. I called the friend of court, sat on hold 45min before even talking to someone, then they told me they still have the child support order in place, (translation, child support should have NEVER stopped) read back to me the name of the job on the order, stated they don't know why I haven't received anything, and said they would reissue the order again imm, and that the resturant had 45days to comply.

Friend of the court also let me know its ILLEGAL for a company to disregard a income withholding order for a employee. So I called up to his job and asked for their corp number to speak to someone in regards to the lawsuit I would be filing against their company for back child support they refused to deduct out of his check all this time. I faxed over the income with holding I had received a copy of from 2yrs ago and let them know a new one was on the way. I also faxed copies of my child support issued debit visa card statements showing 0$ balances and the last payment I received from him which was during a period he worked for them. They tried to claim they didn't receive such a order….so I explained to them that for whatever reason they "lost" the order and stop taking it out and I am still owed that money, once its proven they had the order and ignored it. (I have the patience of a snail. I can wait this thing out. The truth will prevail.)

So I have to wait 30 days to give them a chance to investigate and see "what happen" to the child support order they were honoring up until they stopped……moral of the long post is….

There are too many men getting off scott fucking free and are holding jobs. Legit jobs that give them a check and take taxes out. I don't know if there giving good penis or bomb ass head to the HR folks or what, but they (the job) are bound by law to deduct that money. So the far the deadbeats  getting paid "under the table" which for them will backfire (are able to skate) so to speak.  Dumbasses are not planning for the future. Cause we all know, not having social security and taxes took out, because they don't want there checks touched, (translation, they won't want "the man" making them take care their kids, since they can't do it on their own) mean they will grow old and not have 1 penny to help them out in there olden years. Too bad for they dumb asses.

I for one will not sit by and let the shit slide. To the best of my abilty I will continue to advocate for my child support, by any means I can legally. Especially since I cant get it given me in a reasonable fashion on his own. These kids were NOT created because of some strong masturbation. We both made them we both need to provide for them, one way or the other.

~thanks for letting me vent~

Sunday, August 7, 2011

In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Your Homeless

So if everything goes as planned as of October 1, 2011 retroactive if you have been getting a cash grant thru welfare for 4 years, you will be cut off immediatley. If you have been recieving a cash grant thru welfare off  and on, if the months total up to 4 years you will be cut off. If you have been getting a cash grant off and on OR just started recieving a cash grant your 4 year count down begins.

Now let me say this. Yes there are PLENTY, yes THOUSANDS of folks who "live off the system" and have been doing this for generations. They want no part in making a life for themseleves, or trying to achive a life off the system. They love living off the land so to speak, "milking" the system cause they just dont want to do shit with their lives. YES I know some folk like that now. So for THOSE folks I say your time to be cut off has come and so be it. I have not problem with that. Although in the same breath almost all these folks like that have children to care for. What about them? Its not the kids fault. Shame aint it.

HOWEVER…….*long fucking pause cause IM just errked!* (breaths out, breathes in)……
What the HELL about the families who ARE working?
What about the families who are working but only getting partime hours?
What about the families who are in WORK FIRST / JET ( or whatever type of job assistanst program in their state) that allows them as cash grant, and is TRUELY job hunting? THAT GRANT IS THERE ONLY SOURCE OF INCOME> PERIOD WHILE THEY BE IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE PROGRAM. They come to work first, always dressed in interview clothes for the "just in case"  with resumes and beat the pavement and yet are being turned down left and right? Not turned down because they dont WANT to work but the only hiring position is management, accounting, legal adminatration, bio hazard filter tech ( you get the idea, they jobs are hiring for something they have no experience in) and what they have experience in, IS NOT HIRING at this time.

What about the families who got laid off two years ago and still have not been able to fine steady work because cut backs are REAL. And when you get laid off, applying for assistance is what is the logical thing to do. Foodstamsps alone is NOT enough. They NEED the cash grant. THEY NEED IT AS LONG AS THEY ARE JOB HUNTING AND PROVING THEMSELVES. We cant put a stop date on recession, so how in the hell is it a stop date on people recieving benefits of a cash grant?
What about the DTE, Consumer Energry (light/gas bill) that is due for the families next month?
What about the bus fare to job hunt, to go get groceries, to make doctors appt, to repair there a car if it needs ( and please spare me the bullshit that FIA pay for it…cause yes THEY DO,  HOWEVER ITS ALMOST 2 months getting approval and getting a check back to you to take to the repair shop….in the mean time you out of a car. YES they will give you 1200$ for the purchase of a car and thats a once a lifetime benefit (altho I have heard some say they got more than one car. Well thats not because your special, its because your working didnt do her job. Car help is written in the application book you fill out applying for benefits, and it says ONCE) yet in still a 1200$ wont be without repairs for long. Depending on the cost most folks who get a cash grant can use they monies to fix they car if its minor…but um NO, they cutting the money off.

What about diapers, wipes (not every body cloth diaper and its not a law says they HAVE too, what about when they run outta food toward the end the month like most families do, they need they cash grant to buy some more food before they stamps fall. ( and give me the bullshit about "they shouldnt buy junk food"….NOT ALL FOLK WHO GET WELFARE ASSISTANT buy junk food. STOP MAKING ASSUMPTIONS unless you have found away to be in EVERYONE  HOUSE  AT  THE  SAME  DAM  TIME  TO  SEE  WHAT  EVERYONE IS  BUYING. I dont wanna hear "welll I know a few folks who I see always wasting they stamps"…SO WHAT! Those FEW you happen to know DONT SPEAK FOR EVERYONE and its not a fair assumption.
What about the RENT that due? What about the kids who have teens who catch the bus the school?
Im my not so humble opinion casue Im going to always speak my mind even if what I say is not shared by many…..this is the WORST thing that could happen to these families that are DESERVING of the assistance. Yes 4 years and more sound long, yes it is, but look at the economy. The economy has NOT improved.

So wait, do they plan to up mim wage by 2-3$ for the families THAT ARE DESERVING, to compensate them losing there cash benefits? …um….NO. *fuck it im done* *throws hands in the air* walks away from cell phone.  (yes im posting from my cell)
All Im trying to say is, with the world of techonology we live in, I KNOW there is some way for whoever to track and remove the ones "milking the system" who are not doing one thing to better themselves. CUT THEY ASSES OFF! Dont ruin everyone!
Also just incase you didnt know, the working families that recive cash assistant, MOST is NOT GETTING A FULL cash grant! You turn in your check stubs and the more you make the more they decrease it down. In Michigan a full cash grant is approx 698$ for a family of 5 (if im wrong on the amount please correct). So if the family brings in 1000$ a month after taxes from say Mc Donalds and FIA does a budget to see what amount of benefits they get, FIA goes on the GROSS which was probly 1200$ they cash grant might be 300$ for the MONTH, 150$ every 2 weeks…now…that brings them back to what they would of orginally took home.
Now lets pay bills FOR A FAMILY OF 5: (Approximately)
RENT 550-650$ DEFINATE 2BD POSSIBLE 3BD (many are living in 2 bdrms using bunk beds to keep lower rent)
UTILITLES 300$ LIGHTS AND HEAT, POSSIBLY WATER (lanlords do HAVE to pay rent in certain states)
Remeber they bring home pay was 1000.00 and the grant was approx 300.00. So that 1300.00$-1200.00$ leaves that family with approx 100.00$ for the month AFTER bills. Thats whole lotta (insert stabby voice) 1 (one) 20.00$  a week for possibly a family outting,  IF THAT…Also food does run out towards the end the month. Even shopping at Aldi, Save a Lot or whatever discount place you use.
Do you get the idea Im trying to give? These dollar amounts can be higher depending where you live and what the cost of living is in your state?
And thats just a approx budget of a family of 5 who works and gets a small cash grant. There are families who are umemployed and just job hunting and ONLY have the 698$ and yet they have ALL THE BILLS  listed above. As you can see they are BARELY surving AND TRYING there best to make ends meet for there family.
Want to know what I see happing when this bill passes?
Kids will go hungry because the parent will SELL THE FOODSTAMPS to pay bills.
Kids will miss school (no gas money for car)  if its not in walking distance or the school bus isnt free to ride. (not all yellow busses are FREE, yes some do charge)
People will miss work cause they cant drive without gas, they cant catch the bus to work either. Cant bum a ride cause that person need gas contriubtion for there gas tank.
People will resort to robbing each other and stealing all sorts of things from there place of work every day survial items. A roll of tissue, a few garbage bags. Some lined or unlined paper so they kids can do there homework. Can you see what Im talking about.

I could go on and on but I tire and Im getting a attiude the more I write about it. Plus my hands are cramping like a b*$ch holding the phone this long. Im also errked at people bashing folks on welfare who are NOT using the system but have the overall HAUGHTY, UPPITY, turned nose up, dont think they cant be visited by the "bad luck fairy" attiude, thinking they are better than everyone because they were blessed to have never fallen down on the road to sucess. I mean just UGH!
Forgive me yall, Im venting and my blog is my space to do do. There Ive said it, feel free to agree or disagree or maybe shed some light on how this is good for EVERYONE. Make me understand how this limit is good for those who are TRYING TO MAKE it and want a job, or want a better job, or who has the job but cant get the hours, or can get the hours, but cant afford the child care CO- PAY if you work past the hours that FIA approve. Its just so much. Imma leave it alone.

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Woman told to get off bus for breast-feeding her baby

Woman told to get off bus for breast-feeding her baby: "A Taylor Michigan woman says a bus driver told her to get off the bus because she was nursing her 2 week old baby." This woman is my good friend Ms. Moon. Im so proud that Ms. Moon stood her ground and was not swayed and or dismayed. I am proud to be here friend and even more proud have bought together more than 100 woman who will be participating in the Michigan Breastfeeding Nurse In at the Oakland County Smart Bus Terminal in Troy Michigan tomorrow moring at 9am. If any of you are near there please come out and help us show the world that breastfeeding is normal and here to stay.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I have been loving the cloth diaper experience. I am forever thankful to twitter and my tweeps for encouraging me to give it try. Muffin has been rash free and since we have had the summer time days from HELL she has not been sweaty like I assumed she would be. I always tell my pregnant moms they should cloth diaper and discuss with them, that along with saving money with breastfeeding they should save even MORE money cloth diapering. So as I continue this journey I was have been looking into buying her a potty chair for July. She seems a little bit ready for potty, but not a whole lot. I have been able to catch her in to poo poo act and run like hell to the bathroom sit her on the toilet, but she still don't really "get it" just yet. So I would love some advise as to how you transition from cloth diapers to potty training. My youngest is 9 and I totally have forgotten this process. Tips, tricks, pointers, websites all that good stuff is welcome. Okay I'm outta here for now.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Last one over is a rotten egg!!

Hi All,
I've moved! Just wanna say I appreciate you all stopping by my blog from time to time. When you get a chance come on over and visit me at my new home....

~ ~

Last one over is a rotten egg!!

~Single Mama Tales It All~

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So Afraid its getting worse (BPPV)

I dont know if you have ever heard me tweet about having vertigo. To be exact its Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) and its not a very nice condition. Just the art of changing positions to turn over in bed or bend down to tie my shoe can set the BPPV off. Scary stuff I tell ya. I didnt even know I had this until almost 6yrs ago getting ready to drive to work I leaned down to grab my cell that was under my seat and literally I began to fill like someone had me by the feet and was spinning me around. You know the feeling you get when you felt when you were little and use to be fun to spin around real fast then try to walk straight and you would fall over. Well imagine that 1000x worse and you stitting still. I didnt know what was happing to me. For being alone didnt help and not being able to stand. As hard as I tried when I feel out the car trying to get in the house I ended up just beside my car for 2hours. By then I had vomited on myself and was appearing to be drunk. My neighboors got me to the hospital and thats when I learned what I had. This has happen again 4times now in the last 6yrs..but what scaring me is its happen 3times already in the last 10 months. I have a script for meclizine that has been a life saver but I have to take them 3 times a day. Thing is I hate taking pills. Especially If Im not having a attack. Why take medicine I dont need at the time. However having two attacks less than 7days apart has me afraid. Wondering If I go to pick Muffin up will I "spin out" and no one is around to help me. Because Im literally helpless. It would just kill me to be laying there hearing her cry knowing I cant help her. A called has been placed to see my Dr. and see what needs to happen to get this vertigo under control. Lucky for me the last time I had a severe attack I was at home and my kids were there to assit me and watch Muffin. I had one this moring bending down , reaching under my desk to turn on the computer and had a eposodie but it was as severe. I took my meds and was able to continue work. There are a few people I would love to see burst into flames and their ashes get pissed on my maggots, however this here vertigo....I dont wish on ANYONE! Okay thats all for now. Hope everyone is having a wonderful hump day.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Breasteeding in the Land of Ghenghis Khan by RUTH KAMNITZER

*I DID NOT WRITE THIS ARTICLE, IT WAS IN A COMMENT THREAD FROM CAFE MOM Thread title "breast feeding up through age 4plus. Right or Wrong" started by member mommatink83 on March 23, 2011 at 9:53pm....the article was posted in a comment by member Randi02....I LOVED the article and I wanted to share.*

Excerpt only ...."In Mongolia, there's an oft-quoted saying that the best wrestlers are breastfed for at least six years - a serious endorsement in a country where wrestling is the national sport. I moved to Mongolia when my first child was four months old, and lived there until he was three.
Raising my son during those early years in a place where attitudes to breastfeeding are so dramatically different from prevailing norms in North America opened my eyes to an entirely different vision of how it all could be. Not only do Mongolians breast feed for a long time, they do so with more enthusiasm and less inhibition than nearly anyone else I've met. In Mongolia, breastmilk is not just for babies, it's not only about nutrition, and it's definitely not something you need to be discreet about. It's the stuff Genghis Khan was made of.

Like many first-time mums, I hadn't given much thought to breastfeeding before I had a child. But minutes after my son, Calum, popped out, he latched on, and for the next four years seemed pretty determined not to let go. I was lucky, for in many ways breastfeeding came easily - never a cracked nipple, rarely an engorged breast. Mentally, things were not quite as simple. As much as I loved my baby and cherished the bond that breastfeeding gave us, it was, at times, overwhelming. I was unprepared for the magnitude of my love for him, and for the intensity of his need for me and me only - for my milk. "Don't let him turn you into a human pacifier," a Canadian nurse had cautioned me just days after Calum's birth, as he sucked for hour after hour. But I would run through all the possible reasons for his crying - gas? wet? understimulation? overstimulation? - and mostly I'd just end up feeding him again. I wondered if I was doing the right thing.
 Every time
they make a sound,
they're breastfed.

Then I moved away from Canada, to Mongolia, where my husband was conducting a wildlife study. There, babies are kept constantly swaddled in layers of thick blankets, tied up with string like packages you don't want to come apart in the mail. When a package murmurs, a nipple is popped in its mouth. Babies aren't changed very often, and never burped. There aren't even hands available to thrust a rattle into. Definitely no tummy time. Babies stay wrapped up for at least three months, and every time they make a sound, they're breastfed.

This was interesting. At three months, Canadian babies are already having social engagements, even swimming. Some are learning to "self-soothe." I had assumed that there were many reasons a baby might cry, and that my job was to figure out what the reason was and provide the appropriate solution. But in Mongolia, though babies might cry for many reasons, there is only ever one solution: breastmilk. I settled down on my butt and followed suit.

A Working Boob Hits the Streets

In Canada, a certain amount of mystique still surrounds breastfeeding. But really, we're just not very used to it. Breastfeeding happens at home, in baby groups, occasionally in cafes - you seldom see it in public, and we certainly don't have conscious memories of having been breastfed ourselves. This private activity between mother and child is greeted with a hush and politely averted eyes, and regarded almost in the same way as public displays of intimacy between couples: not taboo, but slightly discomfiting and politely ignored. And when that quiet, angelic newborn grows into an active toddler intent on letting the world know exactly what he's doing, well, those eyes are averted a bit more quickly and intently, sometimes under frowning brows.

In Mongolia, instead of relegating me to a "Mothers Only" section, breastfeeding in public brought me firmly to center stage. Their universal practice of breast feeding anywhere, anytime, and the close quarters in which most Mongolians live, mean that everyone is pretty familiar with the sight of a working boob. They were happy to see I was doing things their way (which was, of course, the right way).

When I breastfed in the park, grandmothers would regale me with tales of the dozen children they had fed. When I breastfed in the back of taxis, drivers would give me the thumbs-up in the rearview mirror and assure me that Calum would grow up to be a great wrestler. When I walked through the market cradling my feeding son in my arms, vendors would make a space for me at their stalls and tell him to drink up. Instead of looking away, people would lean right in and kiss Calum on the cheek. If he popped off in response to the attention and left my streaming breast completely exposed, not a beat was missed. No one stared, no one looked away - they just laughed and wiped the milk off their noses.

From the time Calum was four months old until he was three years old, wherever I went, I heard the same thing over and over again: "Breastfeeding is the best thing for your baby, the best thing for you." The constant approval made me feel that I was doing something important that mattered to everyone - exactly the kind of public applause every new mother needs.

The Lazy Mum's Secret Weapon

By Calum's second year, I had fully realized just how useful breastfeeding could be. Nothing gets a child to sleep as quickly, relieves the boredom of a long car journey as well, or calms a breaking storm as swiftly as a little warm milk from mummy. It's the lazy mother's most useful parenting aid, and by now I thought I was using it to its maximum effect. But the Mongolians took it one step further.

Success rate?
100 percent.

During the Mongolian winters, I spent many afternoons in my friend Tsetsgee's yurt, escaping the bitter cold outside. It was enlightening to compare our different parenting techniques. Whenever a tussle over toys broke out between our two-year-olds, my first reaction would be to try to restore peace by distracting Calum with another toy while explaining the principle of sharing. But this took a while, and had a success rate of only about 50 percent. The other times, when Calum was unwilling to back down and his frustration escalated to near boiling point, I would pick him up and cradle him in my arms for a feed.
Tsetsgee had a different approach. At the first murmur of discord, she would lift her shirt and start waving her boobs around enthusiastically, calling out, "Come here, baby, look what mama's got for you!" Her son would look up from the toys to the bull's-eyes of his mother's breasts and invariably toddle over.

Success rate? 100 percent.

Not to be outdone, I adopted the same strategy. There we were, two mothers flapping our breasts like competing strippers trying to entice a client. If the grandparents were around, they'd get in on the act. The poor kids wouldn't know where to look - the reassuring fullness of their own mothers' breasts, granny's withered pancake boasting its long experience, or the strange mound of flesh granddad was squeezing up in breast envy. Try as I might, I can't picture a similar scene at a La Leche League meeting.

When They're Walking and Talking... and Taking Their Exams?

In my prenatal class in small-town Canada, where Calum was born, breastfeeding had been introduced with a video showing a particularly sporty-looking Swedish mother breastfeeding her toddler while out skiing. A shudder ran through the group: "Sure, it's great for babies, but by the time they're walking and talking ... ?" That was pretty much the consensus. I kept my counsel.

It was my turn to be surprised when one of my new Mongolian friends told me she had breastfed until she was nine years old. I was so jaw-dropped flabbergasted that at first I dismissed it as a joke. Considering my son weaned just after turning four, I'm now a little embarrassed about my adamant disbelief. While nine years is pretty old to be breast feeding, even by Mongolian standards, it's not actually off the scale.

Though it wasn't always easy to fully discuss such concepts as self-weaning with Mongolians because of the language barrier, breastfeeding "to term" seemed to be the norm. I never met anyone who was tandem breastfeeding, which surprised me, but because the intervals between births are fairly long, most kids give up breastfeeding at between two and four years of age."

Please read the rest of this artice on the actual comment thread. I found it to be very encouraging to me and any mom breastfeeding a toddler.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

KaWaii Minky Bamboo (mom label) 2week use, my own opinion of them

I have been cloth diapering for almost two weeks now. Unforunately Muffins new sitter is not to thrilled about using the cloth diapers. Especially the prefolds. Nevermind that, (that's a whole different story) let's move along. Okay let's talk about my Kawaii Minky Bamboo (mom label) pocket dipes first. I spent almost 2days preping them. I did 10 complete wash and dry cycles. Maybe I could of done the washing in one day, but I started prepping during the week. So I could only get 5 loads in one day and 5 loads in the next.
After the washing I put her on one and gave it almost a 10hour run. The diapers didn't leak her first night. I was scard to death of that since we co sleep.  I envisioned waking up in the piss spot from hell.
But I didn't and that impressed me.
Then she wore one during the day and peed thru it after only 30 min of wearing it. I was pissed. I'm in the hell, it hold pee for almost 10hours and then let me down within almost mintues. Well *shame face* *dumb face* and *oops that's what those snaps are for* boo boo face appeared. Muffin isn't a chunky baby and I did move the snapes up to make dipe a lil smaller. We tried the diaper again and I got almost 2 1/2 hours. Did I mention I F N love my Kawaii's? YES, KaWaii pockets are the shit! Or at least to me. Let me say it loud....I'M CLOTH DIPED AND I'M PROUD! Seriously I wish I had CD'erd my kids. Its not at all that hard. I mean the constanst load of laundry is about all the "complaint" I can give. (<<<<< so NOT a complaint) but I was trying to think of something difficult with cloth diapering.
Oh and I haven't been using wipes as much. Notice the "as much"....I'm still sneaking a wipe here and there but not full time. I usually will have bought 2 packs of wipes by now...but I'm still using the same pack of wipes from almost 2 weeks ago. WIN all day right there!
So that where we at with cloth diapering. Just thought I would update y'all.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Here's to Cloth In ya Eye!

Am I prepared or what!!???
Muffins stash...
40 prefolds w/4 covers (will add 5 more covers this month)
10 pockets diapers...8 KaWaii Minky Mom label and 2 Doopsy D
10 cloth wipes
1lg wet bag
1 100count diaper liners
I'm doing my wash prewash of the diapers so hopefully she can wear at least 1 tonight. If not tomorrow it will be, depending on when I'm done with the wash n prep.
Muffin sitter is on bord with the change which is always a plus. The kids however the kids....sorta on board.....they saw the prefolds and immediately gave me the side eye. I'm positive that I will come home to find the prefold wraped around Muffins head and glad bag with a few twist ties holding it up, wrapped around her ass.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cloth Diapers, yeah Im a Bad Ass mama

Im really excited that I will have my clothdiapers real soon. They will be coming just intime for my move to my new apartment that comes with a washer and dryer. I guess a laundry mat would of been doable if I really wanted to but to honest, I did not. I know the prepping alone is multiple washes..and thats costly quarters adding up.
My daughters sitter said cloth diapers would not be a problem, but she admitted she is nervous and have never experienced using them before. I assured her its just like changing a standard diaper except she wont throw it out and disgards any solids. Promised her I would provide a box of disposable gloves just for added "protection" if she wanted. She said thats not needed. Just air freshener.
I plan to keep you guys updated as to my new adventures as a cloth diapering mama. Been looking at cloth wipes as well. I totally agree they go hand in hand with cloth diapering but I wanna have a cheat sheet and use wipes. Im just being honest. Priced them already, not to bad considering I wont be buying any more. Right, save money all the way around. I know...I hear yall say " go for it, get the cloth wipes and end the Huggies all together"...*smiles* yeah I hear yall. Cross my fingers I will give it a good try.
Now off to stalk the mail lady, or mail man.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Almond Chicken from Hell

Not my usual Chinese restaurant
Almond Chicken Dinners
Projectile Vomit & Projectile Pooping (at the same time)
1 bathroom
5 people afflicted with the sick a flicka from hell
Glad Bags, rope, someones ass, (refer back to 1bathroom)
size3 LUV diaper (worn by mean) judge me later

Moral of the words you are reading.......
Don't pit stop at some Chinese restaurant you have never been too and have only 1 bathroom in the house.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

publix coupon queen: Bummas Wipes Review & Giveaway

publix coupon queen: Bummas Wipes Review & Giveaway: "As all of you know I am a cloth diapering momma. I decided not long ago that I was interested in using cloth wipes as well. That is when I f..."

Friday, January 21, 2011

Topsy Turvy

Me and Muffin use to be on good schedule of bedtime. Like clock work she use to nurse around 9pm and be sleep....dead sleep by 10pm. Maybe she would wake up to nurse around 3am but only for about us co-sleeping & breastfeeding she never would fully wake up. So always that was win-win. However....she is staying up longer and nursing more. The nursing more thing seems backwards to me. *scratches head* Nonetheless our routine is all topsy turvy in the worst way. She is falling off to sleep at 1130pm/12am and waking up at some ole whack hour of 2, 3,4am for a 15min snack....Really?... I have turned over with my back to her and I will feel her trying suck at my back. Or my favorite standing up beating in the head in the dark till I turn over. LOL at such a bossy lil baby. I'm sure what's going but I need us to get back on track. But truth be told...I love sniffing her and cuddling. Thinking...I better enjoy these moments long as I can. Right?..

Sunday, January 9, 2011

0 to Shit in 60 seconds

I try really hard to fucking understand a ex's thinking. I told him I wanted him to drop DD off at chuckie cheese and to bring his girlfriend DD as well. Okay. So why would you assume I wanted you to drop your GF's DD off and then I had would need to take her back home. No. That's not what I had plans to do. I'm not even going that way back home. I expected you to come to chuckie cheese, for at least 45min..(longer if y'all wanted)....or just long enough so your girlfriend's daughter could have a cupcake and a slice of pizza. Then both y'all go back home when y'all was ready. So why the attiude cause I don't want to drop her back home. All you had to say was when I first let you know about chuckie cheese (yesterday)  was I can drop our DD off but unless you can bring my girl's DD home she can't come cause I don't wanna stay for the party. Then all be cool. But no, when I told him I can't drop her off he immeditaly tripped. Ill bet his stupid ass was showing off for his girlfriend who might of been sitting near him while we was on the phone. Plus now you got our DD upset thinking I'm being mean to her friend cause now she can't come. But as a mama, I know how to handle my DD and squash all that nonesense case I tell her the truth. I don't have a problem with my ex girlfriend DD. She is a nice lil girl. Its just I'm not heading back that way. But on some real shit I don't HAVE to give a explanation. No, not really. However if he was (showing off) if that was the case I don't fucking know why. We been broke up almost 6yrs now. I don't want him. I deal with him regarding our DD and that's been all. So of course I shot him quick few, 2 or 3, "fuck you and your high horse you rode in on" text messages. Seriously he sent me from 0 to Shit in attiude in 60 seconds. Now I got to go make some Eggo Waffles and bacon to calm the fuck down, so I don't get my mace and assult his retina soon as I pull up to pick up my DD. ~toodles~

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Diaper Bags, Potty Training... the last HooRahh!

When I found out I was pregnant I was shocked. My kids were 17,15 and 8. All it took was one slip up of the mighty ovary protectors and boom boom bam. I was 3months along when I got confirmation there really was a bambino doing flips in there. For whatever reason I have always had my periods with my pregnacies and with all 4, I found out when I was 3 to 4 months along. There was mixed emotions of sadness and joy. Sadness because I was at the end of "road" so to speak. My kids are at they age were they required less. They all can cook. They all can wash there clothes. They all can set out and iron there school clothes. And my need for a sitter. Of course the 8yr old was never alone, the older sibs watched her. But I could go to the show, or kareoke with out making plans or worrying about any1 while I was gone. They all woke themselves up for school. I mean here I was pregnant starting from fucking scratch. I just was like, fuck. Joy however and a touch of excitement kicked in cause I was growing a person who was looking like a lima bean and would eventually get to the size of a watermelon and lodge its feet in my ribs for the last 2months of my pregnancy. So basically I settled into the idea and got ready to do the "mommy thing" all over. Now came the hard part...telling my kids I was pregnant. Oh and my family. Did I mention my friends. My friends who still to this day can't believe I had baby and she 1yrs old. Today in fact. I will say my decision to breastfeed made a world of a difference from my previous pregnancies. I got some sleep. Not getting up to heat a bottle on the stove was very different. Since I was more rested I was able to cuss out baby daddy with much more vigor and umph. For the most part being a new mom (don't laugh If I think cause my youngest being 8yrs makes me able claim new mom status) has been crazy and I've loved every mintue of it. Who wouldn't love giving your baby a bath just as you get ready to rinse her off she poops. You don't notice it right away until go and rinse her off you smear doo doo all over her from under the bubbles. Yes, yes, those are moments I live for. Yes I when I found out I was pregnant I was shocked, scared, overwhelmed and excited all in one...and I'm happy the end result got me a chubby cheeks sweet kissy face Muffin.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Sweet 16 can still be sweet...*whn you post pushing a basket spell check loses*

My daughter turned 16 today. She is excited and I think for some reason she may have had a revelation of some sort. It might just be me but she seems to walk a lil different, hold her head a lil different, her voice seems a lil different. Maybe its just me seeing things. I look back on when I was 16. I remember thinking I was the shit. I aint gonna lie. Every pic I took I always had the "swear to god" pose. Yes I swore to god I was looking good. I can even recall my favorite outfit. Red tight as I could get them without my mama kicking my ass jean, a red shirt, red belt, red and white shoes. LOL I looked just like a tomatoe. But if you asked me back I was swearing to god that I was the cutest thing alive and I had the biggest but. I proudly wore the title of donkey butt. Me and my best friend Mo skipped school and went to coney island and shared wing dings and chili cheese fries. *halo crooked and cocked to the side* Maybe I have started down memory lane and relived a moment I know I cant get back but thats what I want my daughter to do. Have a moment to look back on and no regrets by making bad choices. Yes I skipped school to add 1000 calories to my diet but the kids these days skip school to add a baby to there life or vd. I dont want to be a kill joy but I want my daughter to continue being a teen and living a teen life. I want her to look back on her sweet 1 and kno that she lived as a kid and didnt grow up to soon. Okay im done. Toodles!

All in a Days Work...or Off Day

I cant sing my coffee's praises enough. Especially on a day like today, I swear if just eases the to speak. I am suppose to go to work today but I have a appointment with FIA and that always take a few hours. Its really a dam shame how slow the Department of Human Services is. Usually I wont have Muffin but because Im off I just dont want to drop her off. I like it when we hang out. As usual I am dismayed at how crowed Mcdonalds was and why oh why they just refuse to give me 10 sugar 6 dam cream. You already know I drove back around and got my desired packets to make my coffee moment be sublime. Oh and If your thinking about my previous post and the coffee darlings, my coffee was in its cup holder seated very carefully directly next to my Epic4G. Ha! take that dashboard..LOL...You do know if I had spilled coffee on my phone I would had a dam heart attack. Im so joking about my coffee being by my phone, I dont shit that shit my "baby". Well Im gonna about to finish up my coffee before I go in. Holding a baby, purse, paper work and coffee is setting me up for total failure. I can just feel it in my bones. ~toodles~

Sunday, January 2, 2011

My BUCKET list....2 be continued

Ah the "Bucket List"
Well I can say I have a list and I am slowy working towards a few things on that list before I make my exit.
1. Hit the Mega Millions and PowerBall also the Daily3 & 4 midday and evening with all the numbers matching.
2. Dont have a heart attack from #1
3 .Remake the love scence in Desperado add one lil touch, being spanked with the gee-tar. ;-)
4. Slap the shit out my granny if she ever put 20 bucks in a cashiers check for my 11month old and ask me to put her carseat in her car so she can take Muffin to bank and "cash" her own check.
5. Always remember my granny is crazy and just hug her.
6. Make a time machine to go back in time and take back my orgasims back from the assholes who recived them and turned out to be fucking liars, habitual liars, and wasted time after years of being together.
7. Charge 99.99$ for the time machine I build and offer a free one when "you act now and be the 100th caller" like I see on tv.
8. Make a majic wand to tap people who offer unsolicted advise on the forhead and instantly shut down there vocal cords a hour for every letter of the word of the advise they gave without me asking and being a bitch for trying to put me down lowkey.
9. Sell these majic wands for 1.00 on Ebay
10. Cuss a little more. It just really feels good sometime when you want to release some steam. Lets try it now for practice. FUCK! yep I like.
11. Create a pills that allows babies to skip the terrible 2's,.......skip the the first boy/girl friend I totally love only them Im going to die since they broke up with me *sigh*
12. Shoot whoever created "let there be pee when I sneeze"
13. Be the first to create complete "hot n ready" dinner meals in less than 5 mintues. Screw you Little Ceaser.
Ill end here for now. Please feel free to share some of your bucket list.

I have one just like you

I was browsing some of the social networking sites I have joined and got a little irritated. It may just be me but I didn't know there existed communities of moms who have sects they are joined in. What I mean by that is.....I had never heard of moms being put against each other because of the choice they make in parenting. I'm sure this has been touched on by many blogger before my newbie behind ever thought about blogging. I have seem the formula feeding moms verses the breastfeeding moms.....the cloth diaper moms verses the disposable diaper moms......the yes I circumcision moms verses the HELL NO non circumcising moms.....the pierce the girls ears moms verses the don't pierce the girls ears mom......the vaccinating moms verses the non vaccinating verses straight.....the stay at home moms verses the partime/fulltime working moms....I'm sure Ive forgot some "verses" but you get the idea. What promoted this post was the down right nastiness that can come from disagreeing about any of the above on various sites. And then it hit my front door. In the last 2 months I received a few mean emails about me having formula feed Muffin and breastfeeding. They stated they don't see how I was hired to be a Breastfeeding Peer Counselor for WIC and I'm fake. At first I was pissed and going to go off but maturity won out. Which is rare when you insult me. Hey I'm a work in progress. But anyway I deleted the emails and realized that what they said was there OPINION. A opinion is a voice we all have and are allowed to voice and share. Freedom of speech right?...right. However I am a believer in you get more flies with honey than with vinegar. Meaning, If you approach a subject you either disagree with or agree with its OKAY to be feel passionate about how you feel and want to share with the world and possibly change peoples minds about certain subjects but you CAN NOT BELITTLE AND NAME CALL AND DEGRADE the other person for believing what they feel whether it agrees with you or not. That shit is not cool. I don't ever try to MAKE someone believe what I feel just cause I feel my way is correct. I'm allowed to make my own informed decision about any subject matter I want to. Majority rule don't move me....what the majority believe is not always what I believe. Oh well...that's me and how I feel. I'm just saying I think you tear moms down when this happens and as a mom myself I think moms online should feel okay with stating there opinion without being verbally harassed. Seriously the way I have seen some speaking to other moms..(smh)..I just think that if it were in person the "tone" would be a whole lot softer. I guess seeing as the Internet is the choice for verbal bullying people like that will continue to hide behind a screen. Maybe 2011 will show a change.

3 Times??? Really??? In One Day...smh

Today just was not Muffin's day. I woke up after 4hrs of sleep after all the shooting around 4am, to find myself trying to catch my baby as she fell off the bed and hit the floor. Checked her over and she was fine. I got us back to sleep and woke up with what seemed as a good day in store. So I get the family ready to go visit our folks and enjoy some ritual black eye peas, rice, greens, ham hock, neck bones, yams, roast, and cornbread. Dessert was simple yet delish a few cheesecakes topped with either lemon, cherry, or strawberries. Muffin was enjoying herself doing her Frankenstein stroll thru house and running person to person being picked up and tossed around with glee. Without notice a bam and a cry was heard and yes she had hit her head on the table. Okay that's twice. WTF. I know accidents happen and babies tumble but she was just doomed today I guess. So I start to put the dishes up helping out in the kitchen and I see Muffin trailing behind her sister and I continue doing what I'm doing. Thirty minutes past and just when I realize I haven't heard her baby babble or the heavy sound of her stomping around I hear the the loudest dam BAM! I hear her cry and immediately rush toward her cry and she was at the bottom of the stairs trying to stand up. My heart fucking stopped. Did she fall all the way down the stairs?....No she didn't.....she tried to climb the first 2steps and fell down them. BUT STILL...that was her 3rd dam fall or bump today.....really WTF....What I had assumed was my baby was with her sister and she wasn't. She had spent 15mintues wandering around in a few rooms, made it to the stairs and I felt like SHIT. How had I not paid attention to my did I make the assumption her sister had her without double checking....that's not what a mom does. I thought about what could of happen and was in tears. I just kissed the shit out of her and hugged her to pieces. Surprisingly she didn't cry but 5 minutes or so and was back playing. Baby's are durable uh? Well durable or not, I will be paying extra attention to her. When I'm visiting I will become that mom who says every five minutes, were is the baby if she is not in my view, regardless of who is around. Some of you may read this and say I'm a fuck up for not making sure from jump she was with her sister or at least someone before I started to put the food up.....well I say to, let me say to Muffin...mommy is SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME. Is there any else who had one of those days it just seemed your LO went bump bump all day long?