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Sunday, January 2, 2011

My BUCKET list....2 be continued

Ah the "Bucket List"
Well I can say I have a list and I am slowy working towards a few things on that list before I make my exit.
1. Hit the Mega Millions and PowerBall also the Daily3 & 4 midday and evening with all the numbers matching.
2. Dont have a heart attack from #1
3 .Remake the love scence in Desperado add one lil touch, being spanked with the gee-tar. ;-)
4. Slap the shit out my granny if she ever put 20 bucks in a cashiers check for my 11month old and ask me to put her carseat in her car so she can take Muffin to bank and "cash" her own check.
5. Always remember my granny is crazy and just hug her.
6. Make a time machine to go back in time and take back my orgasims back from the assholes who recived them and turned out to be fucking liars, habitual liars, and wasted time after years of being together.
7. Charge 99.99$ for the time machine I build and offer a free one when "you act now and be the 100th caller" like I see on tv.
8. Make a majic wand to tap people who offer unsolicted advise on the forhead and instantly shut down there vocal cords a hour for every letter of the word of the advise they gave without me asking and being a bitch for trying to put me down lowkey.
9. Sell these majic wands for 1.00 on Ebay
10. Cuss a little more. It just really feels good sometime when you want to release some steam. Lets try it now for practice. FUCK! yep I like.
11. Create a pills that allows babies to skip the terrible 2's,.......skip the the first boy/girl friend I totally love only them Im going to die since they broke up with me *sigh*
12. Shoot whoever created "let there be pee when I sneeze"
13. Be the first to create complete "hot n ready" dinner meals in less than 5 mintues. Screw you Little Ceaser.
Ill end here for now. Please feel free to share some of your bucket list.

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