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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cloth Diapers, yeah Im a Bad Ass mama

Im really excited that I will have my clothdiapers real soon. They will be coming just intime for my move to my new apartment that comes with a washer and dryer. I guess a laundry mat would of been doable if I really wanted to but to honest, I did not. I know the prepping alone is multiple washes..and thats costly quarters adding up.
My daughters sitter said cloth diapers would not be a problem, but she admitted she is nervous and have never experienced using them before. I assured her its just like changing a standard diaper except she wont throw it out and disgards any solids. Promised her I would provide a box of disposable gloves just for added "protection" if she wanted. She said thats not needed. Just air freshener.
I plan to keep you guys updated as to my new adventures as a cloth diapering mama. Been looking at cloth wipes as well. I totally agree they go hand in hand with cloth diapering but I wanna have a cheat sheet and use wipes. Im just being honest. Priced them already, not to bad considering I wont be buying any more. Right, save money all the way around. I know...I hear yall say " go for it, get the cloth wipes and end the Huggies all together"...*smiles* yeah I hear yall. Cross my fingers I will give it a good try.
Now off to stalk the mail lady, or mail man.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Almond Chicken from Hell

Not my usual Chinese restaurant
Almond Chicken Dinners
Projectile Vomit & Projectile Pooping (at the same time)
1 bathroom
5 people afflicted with the sick a flicka from hell
Glad Bags, rope, someones ass, (refer back to 1bathroom)
size3 LUV diaper (worn by mean) judge me later

Moral of the words you are reading.......
Don't pit stop at some Chinese restaurant you have never been too and have only 1 bathroom in the house.