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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cloth Diapers, yeah Im a Bad Ass mama

Im really excited that I will have my clothdiapers real soon. They will be coming just intime for my move to my new apartment that comes with a washer and dryer. I guess a laundry mat would of been doable if I really wanted to but to honest, I did not. I know the prepping alone is multiple washes..and thats costly quarters adding up.
My daughters sitter said cloth diapers would not be a problem, but she admitted she is nervous and have never experienced using them before. I assured her its just like changing a standard diaper except she wont throw it out and disgards any solids. Promised her I would provide a box of disposable gloves just for added "protection" if she wanted. She said thats not needed. Just air freshener.
I plan to keep you guys updated as to my new adventures as a cloth diapering mama. Been looking at cloth wipes as well. I totally agree they go hand in hand with cloth diapering but I wanna have a cheat sheet and use wipes. Im just being honest. Priced them already, not to bad considering I wont be buying any more. Right, save money all the way around. I know...I hear yall say " go for it, get the cloth wipes and end the Huggies all together"...*smiles* yeah I hear yall. Cross my fingers I will give it a good try.
Now off to stalk the mail lady, or mail man.


  1. Good luck! I had to do that with my first one to. We did it cause we were poor though. It's an adventure.! :) let us know how that goes.

  2. I plan to update regulary my CD'n adventures...I wish I had did CD from the start with all my kids...but I was taken aback at the inital start up cost for a decent supply of CD and the special detergent..I didnt really think about that it was a 1time cost and you dont buy any more.Muffin is 14 months and for me its never to late to CD and save some money. ;-)