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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Here's to Cloth In ya Eye!

Am I prepared or what!!???
Muffins stash...
40 prefolds w/4 covers (will add 5 more covers this month)
10 pockets diapers...8 KaWaii Minky Mom label and 2 Doopsy D
10 cloth wipes
1lg wet bag
1 100count diaper liners
I'm doing my wash prewash of the diapers so hopefully she can wear at least 1 tonight. If not tomorrow it will be, depending on when I'm done with the wash n prep.
Muffin sitter is on bord with the change which is always a plus. The kids however the kids....sorta on board.....they saw the prefolds and immediately gave me the side eye. I'm positive that I will come home to find the prefold wraped around Muffins head and glad bag with a few twist ties holding it up, wrapped around her ass.