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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

KaWaii Minky Bamboo (mom label) 2week use, my own opinion of them

I have been cloth diapering for almost two weeks now. Unforunately Muffins new sitter is not to thrilled about using the cloth diapers. Especially the prefolds. Nevermind that, (that's a whole different story) let's move along. Okay let's talk about my Kawaii Minky Bamboo (mom label) pocket dipes first. I spent almost 2days preping them. I did 10 complete wash and dry cycles. Maybe I could of done the washing in one day, but I started prepping during the week. So I could only get 5 loads in one day and 5 loads in the next.
After the washing I put her on one and gave it almost a 10hour run. The diapers didn't leak her first night. I was scard to death of that since we co sleep.  I envisioned waking up in the piss spot from hell.
But I didn't and that impressed me.
Then she wore one during the day and peed thru it after only 30 min of wearing it. I was pissed. I'm in the hell, it hold pee for almost 10hours and then let me down within almost mintues. Well *shame face* *dumb face* and *oops that's what those snaps are for* boo boo face appeared. Muffin isn't a chunky baby and I did move the snapes up to make dipe a lil smaller. We tried the diaper again and I got almost 2 1/2 hours. Did I mention I F N love my Kawaii's? YES, KaWaii pockets are the shit! Or at least to me. Let me say it loud....I'M CLOTH DIPED AND I'M PROUD! Seriously I wish I had CD'erd my kids. Its not at all that hard. I mean the constanst load of laundry is about all the "complaint" I can give. (<<<<< so NOT a complaint) but I was trying to think of something difficult with cloth diapering.
Oh and I haven't been using wipes as much. Notice the "as much"....I'm still sneaking a wipe here and there but not full time. I usually will have bought 2 packs of wipes by now...but I'm still using the same pack of wipes from almost 2 weeks ago. WIN all day right there!
So that where we at with cloth diapering. Just thought I would update y'all.


  1. YAY! I'm so proud of you! Glad to hear you're liking your Kawaii's too!

  2. @Heather Yes I am loving the Kawaii's very much. I am getting better at the prefolds as well. Thanks to your review and helpful tips things are going very well.