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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I have been loving the cloth diaper experience. I am forever thankful to twitter and my tweeps for encouraging me to give it try. Muffin has been rash free and since we have had the summer time days from HELL she has not been sweaty like I assumed she would be. I always tell my pregnant moms they should cloth diaper and discuss with them, that along with saving money with breastfeeding they should save even MORE money cloth diapering. So as I continue this journey I was have been looking into buying her a potty chair for July. She seems a little bit ready for potty, but not a whole lot. I have been able to catch her in to poo poo act and run like hell to the bathroom sit her on the toilet, but she still don't really "get it" just yet. So I would love some advise as to how you transition from cloth diapers to potty training. My youngest is 9 and I totally have forgotten this process. Tips, tricks, pointers, websites all that good stuff is welcome. Okay I'm outta here for now.


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