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Sunday, August 7, 2011

In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Your Homeless

So if everything goes as planned as of October 1, 2011 retroactive if you have been getting a cash grant thru welfare for 4 years, you will be cut off immediatley. If you have been recieving a cash grant thru welfare off  and on, if the months total up to 4 years you will be cut off. If you have been getting a cash grant off and on OR just started recieving a cash grant your 4 year count down begins.

Now let me say this. Yes there are PLENTY, yes THOUSANDS of folks who "live off the system" and have been doing this for generations. They want no part in making a life for themseleves, or trying to achive a life off the system. They love living off the land so to speak, "milking" the system cause they just dont want to do shit with their lives. YES I know some folk like that now. So for THOSE folks I say your time to be cut off has come and so be it. I have not problem with that. Although in the same breath almost all these folks like that have children to care for. What about them? Its not the kids fault. Shame aint it.

HOWEVER…….*long fucking pause cause IM just errked!* (breaths out, breathes in)……
What the HELL about the families who ARE working?
What about the families who are working but only getting partime hours?
What about the families who are in WORK FIRST / JET ( or whatever type of job assistanst program in their state) that allows them as cash grant, and is TRUELY job hunting? THAT GRANT IS THERE ONLY SOURCE OF INCOME> PERIOD WHILE THEY BE IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE PROGRAM. They come to work first, always dressed in interview clothes for the "just in case"  with resumes and beat the pavement and yet are being turned down left and right? Not turned down because they dont WANT to work but the only hiring position is management, accounting, legal adminatration, bio hazard filter tech ( you get the idea, they jobs are hiring for something they have no experience in) and what they have experience in, IS NOT HIRING at this time.

What about the families who got laid off two years ago and still have not been able to fine steady work because cut backs are REAL. And when you get laid off, applying for assistance is what is the logical thing to do. Foodstamsps alone is NOT enough. They NEED the cash grant. THEY NEED IT AS LONG AS THEY ARE JOB HUNTING AND PROVING THEMSELVES. We cant put a stop date on recession, so how in the hell is it a stop date on people recieving benefits of a cash grant?
What about the DTE, Consumer Energry (light/gas bill) that is due for the families next month?
What about the bus fare to job hunt, to go get groceries, to make doctors appt, to repair there a car if it needs ( and please spare me the bullshit that FIA pay for it…cause yes THEY DO,  HOWEVER ITS ALMOST 2 months getting approval and getting a check back to you to take to the repair shop….in the mean time you out of a car. YES they will give you 1200$ for the purchase of a car and thats a once a lifetime benefit (altho I have heard some say they got more than one car. Well thats not because your special, its because your working didnt do her job. Car help is written in the application book you fill out applying for benefits, and it says ONCE) yet in still a 1200$ wont be without repairs for long. Depending on the cost most folks who get a cash grant can use they monies to fix they car if its minor…but um NO, they cutting the money off.

What about diapers, wipes (not every body cloth diaper and its not a law says they HAVE too, what about when they run outta food toward the end the month like most families do, they need they cash grant to buy some more food before they stamps fall. ( and give me the bullshit about "they shouldnt buy junk food"….NOT ALL FOLK WHO GET WELFARE ASSISTANT buy junk food. STOP MAKING ASSUMPTIONS unless you have found away to be in EVERYONE  HOUSE  AT  THE  SAME  DAM  TIME  TO  SEE  WHAT  EVERYONE IS  BUYING. I dont wanna hear "welll I know a few folks who I see always wasting they stamps"…SO WHAT! Those FEW you happen to know DONT SPEAK FOR EVERYONE and its not a fair assumption.
What about the RENT that due? What about the kids who have teens who catch the bus the school?
Im my not so humble opinion casue Im going to always speak my mind even if what I say is not shared by many…..this is the WORST thing that could happen to these families that are DESERVING of the assistance. Yes 4 years and more sound long, yes it is, but look at the economy. The economy has NOT improved.

So wait, do they plan to up mim wage by 2-3$ for the families THAT ARE DESERVING, to compensate them losing there cash benefits? …um….NO. *fuck it im done* *throws hands in the air* walks away from cell phone.  (yes im posting from my cell)
All Im trying to say is, with the world of techonology we live in, I KNOW there is some way for whoever to track and remove the ones "milking the system" who are not doing one thing to better themselves. CUT THEY ASSES OFF! Dont ruin everyone!
Also just incase you didnt know, the working families that recive cash assistant, MOST is NOT GETTING A FULL cash grant! You turn in your check stubs and the more you make the more they decrease it down. In Michigan a full cash grant is approx 698$ for a family of 5 (if im wrong on the amount please correct). So if the family brings in 1000$ a month after taxes from say Mc Donalds and FIA does a budget to see what amount of benefits they get, FIA goes on the GROSS which was probly 1200$ they cash grant might be 300$ for the MONTH, 150$ every 2 weeks…now…that brings them back to what they would of orginally took home.
Now lets pay bills FOR A FAMILY OF 5: (Approximately)
RENT 550-650$ DEFINATE 2BD POSSIBLE 3BD (many are living in 2 bdrms using bunk beds to keep lower rent)
UTILITLES 300$ LIGHTS AND HEAT, POSSIBLY WATER (lanlords do HAVE to pay rent in certain states)
Remeber they bring home pay was 1000.00 and the grant was approx 300.00. So that 1300.00$-1200.00$ leaves that family with approx 100.00$ for the month AFTER bills. Thats whole lotta (insert stabby voice) 1 (one) 20.00$  a week for possibly a family outting,  IF THAT…Also food does run out towards the end the month. Even shopping at Aldi, Save a Lot or whatever discount place you use.
Do you get the idea Im trying to give? These dollar amounts can be higher depending where you live and what the cost of living is in your state?
And thats just a approx budget of a family of 5 who works and gets a small cash grant. There are families who are umemployed and just job hunting and ONLY have the 698$ and yet they have ALL THE BILLS  listed above. As you can see they are BARELY surving AND TRYING there best to make ends meet for there family.
Want to know what I see happing when this bill passes?
Kids will go hungry because the parent will SELL THE FOODSTAMPS to pay bills.
Kids will miss school (no gas money for car)  if its not in walking distance or the school bus isnt free to ride. (not all yellow busses are FREE, yes some do charge)
People will miss work cause they cant drive without gas, they cant catch the bus to work either. Cant bum a ride cause that person need gas contriubtion for there gas tank.
People will resort to robbing each other and stealing all sorts of things from there place of work every day survial items. A roll of tissue, a few garbage bags. Some lined or unlined paper so they kids can do there homework. Can you see what Im talking about.

I could go on and on but I tire and Im getting a attiude the more I write about it. Plus my hands are cramping like a b*$ch holding the phone this long. Im also errked at people bashing folks on welfare who are NOT using the system but have the overall HAUGHTY, UPPITY, turned nose up, dont think they cant be visited by the "bad luck fairy" attiude, thinking they are better than everyone because they were blessed to have never fallen down on the road to sucess. I mean just UGH!
Forgive me yall, Im venting and my blog is my space to do do. There Ive said it, feel free to agree or disagree or maybe shed some light on how this is good for EVERYONE. Make me understand how this limit is good for those who are TRYING TO MAKE it and want a job, or want a better job, or who has the job but cant get the hours, or can get the hours, but cant afford the child care CO- PAY if you work past the hours that FIA approve. Its just so much. Imma leave it alone.


  1. I agree that this plan does have it's flaws. Hopefully, the gov will go back & evaluate this.

  2. I hope so. They just can't make me believe they don't know how to weed out abusers of the system. This needs to be reevaluated fast.