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Saturday, August 20, 2011

One Way or the Other, You are Going to Take care your Kids

My childrens father have worked at the same resturant for some years now. Sometime ago I stop getting child support. I was under the impression he had stop working there. He was going thru some things (which I gave less than a real fuck about, cause as a single mama I go thru things all the time but I don't take a vacation and stop caring for my kids)… So I chaulked it up, and figured until he until he gets back to working child support will take it out again.

My friend went to eat where we thought he USE to work at and low and behold the bastard was there, cooking up a storm. She imm called me and told me. I called the friend of court, sat on hold 45min before even talking to someone, then they told me they still have the child support order in place, (translation, child support should have NEVER stopped) read back to me the name of the job on the order, stated they don't know why I haven't received anything, and said they would reissue the order again imm, and that the resturant had 45days to comply.

Friend of the court also let me know its ILLEGAL for a company to disregard a income withholding order for a employee. So I called up to his job and asked for their corp number to speak to someone in regards to the lawsuit I would be filing against their company for back child support they refused to deduct out of his check all this time. I faxed over the income with holding I had received a copy of from 2yrs ago and let them know a new one was on the way. I also faxed copies of my child support issued debit visa card statements showing 0$ balances and the last payment I received from him which was during a period he worked for them. They tried to claim they didn't receive such a order….so I explained to them that for whatever reason they "lost" the order and stop taking it out and I am still owed that money, once its proven they had the order and ignored it. (I have the patience of a snail. I can wait this thing out. The truth will prevail.)

So I have to wait 30 days to give them a chance to investigate and see "what happen" to the child support order they were honoring up until they stopped……moral of the long post is….

There are too many men getting off scott fucking free and are holding jobs. Legit jobs that give them a check and take taxes out. I don't know if there giving good penis or bomb ass head to the HR folks or what, but they (the job) are bound by law to deduct that money. So the far the deadbeats  getting paid "under the table" which for them will backfire (are able to skate) so to speak.  Dumbasses are not planning for the future. Cause we all know, not having social security and taxes took out, because they don't want there checks touched, (translation, they won't want "the man" making them take care their kids, since they can't do it on their own) mean they will grow old and not have 1 penny to help them out in there olden years. Too bad for they dumb asses.

I for one will not sit by and let the shit slide. To the best of my abilty I will continue to advocate for my child support, by any means I can legally. Especially since I cant get it given me in a reasonable fashion on his own. These kids were NOT created because of some strong masturbation. We both made them we both need to provide for them, one way or the other.

~thanks for letting me vent~

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