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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Im a pitfully blogger (this I know)

So I'm going in the hall of shame for neglected blogs and I will accept my reward with my head held high. :) Alright so let me play catch up.

I went for my labor doula training with CAPPA this past November and it was AH-MAE-ZING... it really was. Meet some real nice ladies and the Kym Dalton (our trainer was spectacular!) Tons of information I didn't know and lots of note taking. Ive been to one birth already, done 2 postpartum visits, and I am currently on call for a birth. Helping moms thru labor, assisting with breastfeeding is very moving for me. Just being allowed to help a family with bringing life into the world ( and so much more) and then if they want help them with their breastfeeding relationship, is a honor. I'm looking forward to helping more moms over the years.

Muffin is still nursing and turns 2yrs old Jan 6 ( in about 10 days Ill have an official nursing toddler!) and then on the 10th I turn the big 38. That's totally a new blog post.

Potty training, um.... yea about that.....she is still cloth diapered, ( we still use the same exact ones I bought 12 months ago..not a leak yet, love my kawaii minkies) and tells me when she goes poo after the fact and when she goes pee. I catch her a few times a day and we make the potty but for the most part she not breaking her neck to the potty like I would like. We even have our special panties that we wear and she still add her special touch to them. *sigh* I think because I don't remember how potty training went with my last one (DD9) I'm kinda at a lost. Older kids (16.9 and my 19yr old) both of them were fully trained before they were 18 months. Basically I'm playing it by ear. I think by the summer we will be good to go. Her sitter is actively on board helping me with potty training as well to get it underway.

WIC is still the most wonderful job in the world to me. I LOVE with a fiery passion being able to assist my moms with breastfeeding and being of encouragement. I like that I was a formula feeder turned breastfeeder. Moms know that I can relate to almost all the issues they may have with breastfeeding. Many of my moms have the same misconceptions about breastfeeding (the babies bite the nipples while nursing, afraid someone one will think its "nasty" to breastfeed and flack from family) all those things I have been able to help moms past and keep them breastfeeding. So all is well.

Lastly, I am making plans to sit for the IBCLC in 2014. I'm following pathway 1 which is best suited for a WIC BF Peer, LLL leader, or BF volunteer type position. My goal is to service low-income minority moms who cant afford a IBCLC. Free services will be available to moms on a case by case bases. That is the vision. Another goal of mine is to be a midwife. Black babies have the highest infant mortality rate and I want to be apart of the process to bring that to a end. As you can see I'm going to be a busy bee over the years to come.

Until next time,