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Friday, January 27, 2012

These boots were made for walking the path I choose

*posted from my cell, there is no spell check I'm sorry*
We have already established I'm a pitful blogger. Bless my heart y'all, with my every 6 months post. I promise I'm working on it. So let me catch you up on what's been going on with me.
The Muffin (aka Milk Gangsta) turned 2yrs old on the 6th of this month and is still currently breastfeeding. She nurses at least 2x's at night.... 4x's a day during the work week and on demand on the weekends. Were still cloth diapering. She shows some interest in potty training so were moving foward at her pace. My goal is to have her in her favorite Dora panties before the summer. (Tips and Tricks are welcome PLEASE) :-) Oh and who has a toddler who just up and changed their sleep pattering...mine has started going bed every night around 1-130am. *oh hells nawl she didn't!* Can you say 1 step away from Nyquil dipped nips! Lol. Such is the life of a toddler.
I still work with new mommies at WIC helping them to start and maintain a breastfeeding relationship. *LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my job* Its a passion of mine to get our african american moms breastfeeding and helping to bring down our infant mortality rate. Oh, and since I love my job so, guess what?....its not work any more to me. How awesome is that!
Other extras in my life include my training as a labor doula. But I have been doing mostly postpartum doula. I enjoy going over my clients house and making them comfortable and relaxed. After having a baby, nothing feels more better coming home come to clean house, a few meals prepared and frozen, babies room organized, moms bedroom full of clean lines and to top it off a wonderful foot soak and pedicure.
As much as I love being a moms labor support, being oncall with a 2yr old is a bit trying. So I'm moving forward with postpartum work for new moms in my spare time.
I've also found and IBCLC & a midwifery course I will be starting with in the next few months.... Goals - IBCLC by 2013 (latest 2014).......Midwife Apprentice *fingers crossed* 2014 ......offically a Midwife in practice 2017-18.... :-)
So do you have your boots on?.. What have changed for you lately?..... New career, new baby, did you move, are a you WOHM turned SAHM, are you newly single and loving it? :-).
~Talk to Me, Ill Talk Back~