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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What a Moring

Okay so....were do I start.....
Muffin slept in which was wonderful. I woke up when I felt her trying to get her nip and snuggled in closer. I'm thinking this is a good day. I shot out a few tweets and read some timelines.
In our wonderful warm bonding moment I started to smell only what could describe as hot garbage. I'm thinking... really, she still nursing....don't she know what she has done. I torn between unlatching her and changing her or letting her finish eating and we suffer the smell together.
Well, she was really eating and not pacifying herself as she does sometimes. Okay skip it...go on finish eating (with the thinking Ill just lay her and be back up to change her in 30min)...Because I still get sleepy when she nurses I ended up dozing. Bad idea. I woke up a hour later, Muffin was still sleep. I go to get up and I can see the smear of doo-doo up on her stomach.
Head to the bathroom and run her tub. I already knew that's mess was not wash up worthy. Then comes the hard part. How in the hell do I take the t-shirt off with out having doo-doo smudge her face and hair. *think quick* I just cut the t-shirt off. Yes I did. I wiped off as much as I could and got her in the tub. I breathed a sigh of relief and started to wash her up. Not even 5mintues in the clean up....I hear a bubble rumble...horrified..I think no....she wouldn't....I lift and yes she did....doo-doo in her bath water. HOLY SHYT I'm alone...I really needed some one to hold her while I dump water, cause now she dripping wet of shit. SMH...All the while Muffin is trying to grab the at the poop and fussing cause she can have it. So I just decide its do or die....I make a mad dash and put her in her bouncer she I'm sure is laced with pins, and glass cause she still screams bloody murder when goes in it. Sit her in front of the bathroom door and get the tub dumped and start running her bath. As the water is filling I decide to just wash her up while it filling so I can be done. Takes all of 15minutes to get her all cleaned up, greased up, and smelling good, dressed to the teeth with no were to go. Now she wide awoke...I'm starving and she is hungry too. Eggs, toast for Muffin and same thing for me just add sausage. Lesson for me.....if Muffin is sleep....she will be changed. That was just too much drama before 12noon.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Were they do that at?

Random as hell.....but....Some people are a trip. Plain as that. How you owe some1 some money and tell them when they ask for it tell them.....they gonna get it....when you get around to it. WTF are you retarded!! WERE IS MY MACE. If it was me....he would be "retina free" right now. (that is all) ~drama@work~

Im here

I still don't believe I got the job. I would never, looking 4 kids back in my life would of thought that I would be a breastfeeding peer counselor for W.I.C.....let alone a breastfeeding mom. I got my job offer letter Monday around 5pm in my email and I didn't check my email till about 8pm sneaking and checking it at my current job. I could of stood up screaming and hollering but I don't think that would of been appropriate seeing as I was in the middle of taking calls. I have been thinking the direction this is going to take me in. I see this as a stepping stone to being a Lactation Consultant. Thinking back again...I had never even heard of a LC before last year. I like the fact that I will and must be available to moms at a moments notice who need breastfeeding support. Just a kind word of encouragement or heading out to see them and get them and there baby going. My goals is too remove the wrong stereotype that breastfeeding is nasty and hard to do.
True breastfeeding is not for everyone....but as long as I will be able to I will help the moms and the dads realize the joy and benefits of nursing there baby. Today as I headed in here to work I realize that I will be free of this and on to bigger and better things and a new career move. God looked out for me and my family by providing me with this job opportunity. I feel good right. I really do.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

It would Be Nice If...If I got the job

I am not someone you would call a complainer. However I am and have been yearning to find niche in life that I can say I truly love, that I am truly good at and could wake up wanting to do. Of course being a mom is the number one spot. My kids mean more to me than anything in this world. There is nothing I would not do for them within my power. What I was referring to was a job. I have worked in alot of different fields over the years. Some I have hated and some I have enjoyed but NONE I loved. I always go to work with a positive attitude cause I'm a firm believer in make the best of anything. A job is what supports the household and make the ends meet and I would never jeopardize losing the source that feeds, clothes, and house my family. However the more I think about the possibility I could be a breastfeeding peer counselor actually brings me Joy and LOVE. Literally. Even before I heard about this job I find it a JOY and LOVE to go to my breastfeeding support groups. They start at 6pm and I'm the one who is there at 515pm waiting. I wont find out till the weekend if I was picked for the position and of course the days are dragging. *sigh* okay let me go get ready to log into my shift and start work....LATERS!!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Would Never of Thought In a Million Years

Looking back on the year and having Muffin, the very last of the crew, I never would of thought I would be a breastfeeding mom. Never would thought I would be advocating for breastfeeding. Never would I thought I would be applying to be a peer counselor to help other moms. My good friend Tina Larkins led me down a path I had tried to trot 3 previous kids back but gave up on in less than two weeks. Tina was very encouraging, inspiring and to have learned all she learned about breastfeeding on her own pretty much...that really moved me. I am up having some coffee and that thought just came over like dam, look at what feat I might accomplish today. *fingers crossed* Being able to show moms how to keep there baby immune system boosted and giving them natures home grown milk... verses man made milk with cows protein. *disclaimer* (I by no means have Ill will against formula, my 3 older kids had all formula and are healthy and good to go....and Muffin gets 6 to 12 oz of formula herself during my night shift from 6pm to 10pm, cause one I've never been a big fan of pumping*) Okay back to blog........I have started pumping. Still no fun but I made 2 bottles. Ya me. ;-) I will say the actual nursing of your baby is so much more comforting and easier to do. In my opinion. Plus the baby is the best pump. Had I got my breastfeeding established from day1....I would of never introduced a bottle or given her formula, but due to certain circumstances (*see Hybrid Baby pt1&2 blog) I didn't get help with nursing till she was around a month old. *thank you Linda at Sinai Grace Hospital and BLACK MOTHERS BREASTFEEDING ASSOCIATION, and espeically Renee from WIC & BMBFA* Basically I'm just super dooper proud of myself for being were I am with the whole breast is beast. I love knowing that I am helping her grow LITERALLY...from me. She loves mommies milk. I've just got done nursing her and she is off to sleep so I can get dressed for my interview. I totally hate looking for something to wear. I have a closet full of nothing. You what I mean? You see clothes but still have nothing to wear. *sigh* Oooh and how I hate ironing. Just blah at it all. Smh. I've decided on a ugly neat shirt and a simple can't go wrong pair of black pants. Gonna iron them and do a few hail marys over them and it shall be worn. Oh yes did I mention my hair. Nevermind let's not speak of such things. Let's just say its neat as be and that is all. Well I'm off and wish me luck, okay. HOLLAAA!