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Thursday, October 7, 2010

It would Be Nice If...If I got the job

I am not someone you would call a complainer. However I am and have been yearning to find niche in life that I can say I truly love, that I am truly good at and could wake up wanting to do. Of course being a mom is the number one spot. My kids mean more to me than anything in this world. There is nothing I would not do for them within my power. What I was referring to was a job. I have worked in alot of different fields over the years. Some I have hated and some I have enjoyed but NONE I loved. I always go to work with a positive attitude cause I'm a firm believer in make the best of anything. A job is what supports the household and make the ends meet and I would never jeopardize losing the source that feeds, clothes, and house my family. However the more I think about the possibility I could be a breastfeeding peer counselor actually brings me Joy and LOVE. Literally. Even before I heard about this job I find it a JOY and LOVE to go to my breastfeeding support groups. They start at 6pm and I'm the one who is there at 515pm waiting. I wont find out till the weekend if I was picked for the position and of course the days are dragging. *sigh* okay let me go get ready to log into my shift and start work....LATERS!!!!

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