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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Would Never of Thought In a Million Years

Looking back on the year and having Muffin, the very last of the crew, I never would of thought I would be a breastfeeding mom. Never would thought I would be advocating for breastfeeding. Never would I thought I would be applying to be a peer counselor to help other moms. My good friend Tina Larkins led me down a path I had tried to trot 3 previous kids back but gave up on in less than two weeks. Tina was very encouraging, inspiring and to have learned all she learned about breastfeeding on her own pretty much...that really moved me. I am up having some coffee and that thought just came over like dam, look at what feat I might accomplish today. *fingers crossed* Being able to show moms how to keep there baby immune system boosted and giving them natures home grown milk... verses man made milk with cows protein. *disclaimer* (I by no means have Ill will against formula, my 3 older kids had all formula and are healthy and good to go....and Muffin gets 6 to 12 oz of formula herself during my night shift from 6pm to 10pm, cause one I've never been a big fan of pumping*) Okay back to blog........I have started pumping. Still no fun but I made 2 bottles. Ya me. ;-) I will say the actual nursing of your baby is so much more comforting and easier to do. In my opinion. Plus the baby is the best pump. Had I got my breastfeeding established from day1....I would of never introduced a bottle or given her formula, but due to certain circumstances (*see Hybrid Baby pt1&2 blog) I didn't get help with nursing till she was around a month old. *thank you Linda at Sinai Grace Hospital and BLACK MOTHERS BREASTFEEDING ASSOCIATION, and espeically Renee from WIC & BMBFA* Basically I'm just super dooper proud of myself for being were I am with the whole breast is beast. I love knowing that I am helping her grow LITERALLY...from me. She loves mommies milk. I've just got done nursing her and she is off to sleep so I can get dressed for my interview. I totally hate looking for something to wear. I have a closet full of nothing. You what I mean? You see clothes but still have nothing to wear. *sigh* Oooh and how I hate ironing. Just blah at it all. Smh. I've decided on a ugly neat shirt and a simple can't go wrong pair of black pants. Gonna iron them and do a few hail marys over them and it shall be worn. Oh yes did I mention my hair. Nevermind let's not speak of such things. Let's just say its neat as be and that is all. Well I'm off and wish me luck, okay. HOLLAAA!

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