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Sunday, January 9, 2011

0 to Shit in 60 seconds

I try really hard to fucking understand a ex's thinking. I told him I wanted him to drop DD off at chuckie cheese and to bring his girlfriend DD as well. Okay. So why would you assume I wanted you to drop your GF's DD off and then I had would need to take her back home. No. That's not what I had plans to do. I'm not even going that way back home. I expected you to come to chuckie cheese, for at least 45min..(longer if y'all wanted)....or just long enough so your girlfriend's daughter could have a cupcake and a slice of pizza. Then both y'all go back home when y'all was ready. So why the attiude cause I don't want to drop her back home. All you had to say was when I first let you know about chuckie cheese (yesterday)  was I can drop our DD off but unless you can bring my girl's DD home she can't come cause I don't wanna stay for the party. Then all be cool. But no, when I told him I can't drop her off he immeditaly tripped. Ill bet his stupid ass was showing off for his girlfriend who might of been sitting near him while we was on the phone. Plus now you got our DD upset thinking I'm being mean to her friend cause now she can't come. But as a mama, I know how to handle my DD and squash all that nonesense case I tell her the truth. I don't have a problem with my ex girlfriend DD. She is a nice lil girl. Its just I'm not heading back that way. But on some real shit I don't HAVE to give a explanation. No, not really. However if he was (showing off) if that was the case I don't fucking know why. We been broke up almost 6yrs now. I don't want him. I deal with him regarding our DD and that's been all. So of course I shot him quick few, 2 or 3, "fuck you and your high horse you rode in on" text messages. Seriously he sent me from 0 to Shit in attiude in 60 seconds. Now I got to go make some Eggo Waffles and bacon to calm the fuck down, so I don't get my mace and assult his retina soon as I pull up to pick up my DD. ~toodles~