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Sunday, January 2, 2011

3 Times??? Really??? In One Day...smh

Today just was not Muffin's day. I woke up after 4hrs of sleep after all the shooting around 4am, to find myself trying to catch my baby as she fell off the bed and hit the floor. Checked her over and she was fine. I got us back to sleep and woke up with what seemed as a good day in store. So I get the family ready to go visit our folks and enjoy some ritual black eye peas, rice, greens, ham hock, neck bones, yams, roast, and cornbread. Dessert was simple yet delish a few cheesecakes topped with either lemon, cherry, or strawberries. Muffin was enjoying herself doing her Frankenstein stroll thru house and running person to person being picked up and tossed around with glee. Without notice a bam and a cry was heard and yes she had hit her head on the table. Okay that's twice. WTF. I know accidents happen and babies tumble but she was just doomed today I guess. So I start to put the dishes up helping out in the kitchen and I see Muffin trailing behind her sister and I continue doing what I'm doing. Thirty minutes past and just when I realize I haven't heard her baby babble or the heavy sound of her stomping around I hear the the loudest dam BAM! I hear her cry and immediately rush toward her cry and she was at the bottom of the stairs trying to stand up. My heart fucking stopped. Did she fall all the way down the stairs?....No she didn't.....she tried to climb the first 2steps and fell down them. BUT STILL...that was her 3rd dam fall or bump today.....really WTF....What I had assumed was my baby was with her sister and she wasn't. She had spent 15mintues wandering around in a few rooms, made it to the stairs and I felt like SHIT. How had I not paid attention to my did I make the assumption her sister had her without double checking....that's not what a mom does. I thought about what could of happen and was in tears. I just kissed the shit out of her and hugged her to pieces. Surprisingly she didn't cry but 5 minutes or so and was back playing. Baby's are durable uh? Well durable or not, I will be paying extra attention to her. When I'm visiting I will become that mom who says every five minutes, were is the baby if she is not in my view, regardless of who is around. Some of you may read this and say I'm a fuck up for not making sure from jump she was with her sister or at least someone before I started to put the food up.....well I say to, let me say to Muffin...mommy is SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME. Is there any else who had one of those days it just seemed your LO went bump bump all day long?


  1. Oh girl - we've all had days like that. Like the time my son wandered away in DisneyWorld and neither me or my husband noticed. Heart stopper for sure. Crazy bad momma thoughts ensued for days......

  2. @Kris Yes indeed a heartstopper for sure. Crazy bad momma thoughts ain't the word. But I'm glad someone understood were I was coming from.