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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Diaper Bags, Potty Training... the last HooRahh!

When I found out I was pregnant I was shocked. My kids were 17,15 and 8. All it took was one slip up of the mighty ovary protectors and boom boom bam. I was 3months along when I got confirmation there really was a bambino doing flips in there. For whatever reason I have always had my periods with my pregnacies and with all 4, I found out when I was 3 to 4 months along. There was mixed emotions of sadness and joy. Sadness because I was at the end of "road" so to speak. My kids are at they age were they required less. They all can cook. They all can wash there clothes. They all can set out and iron there school clothes. And my need for a sitter. Of course the 8yr old was never alone, the older sibs watched her. But I could go to the show, or kareoke with out making plans or worrying about any1 while I was gone. They all woke themselves up for school. I mean here I was pregnant starting from fucking scratch. I just was like, fuck. Joy however and a touch of excitement kicked in cause I was growing a person who was looking like a lima bean and would eventually get to the size of a watermelon and lodge its feet in my ribs for the last 2months of my pregnancy. So basically I settled into the idea and got ready to do the "mommy thing" all over. Now came the hard part...telling my kids I was pregnant. Oh and my family. Did I mention my friends. My friends who still to this day can't believe I had baby and she 1yrs old. Today in fact. I will say my decision to breastfeed made a world of a difference from my previous pregnancies. I got some sleep. Not getting up to heat a bottle on the stove was very different. Since I was more rested I was able to cuss out baby daddy with much more vigor and umph. For the most part being a new mom (don't laugh If I think cause my youngest being 8yrs makes me able claim new mom status) has been crazy and I've loved every mintue of it. Who wouldn't love giving your baby a bath just as you get ready to rinse her off she poops. You don't notice it right away until go and rinse her off you smear doo doo all over her from under the bubbles. Yes, yes, those are moments I live for. Yes I when I found out I was pregnant I was shocked, scared, overwhelmed and excited all in one...and I'm happy the end result got me a chubby cheeks sweet kissy face Muffin.


  1. Muffin turned 1yr old today. Bye bye newborn Muffin you will be misssed.

  2. Happy Birthday Muffin!

    SMA, You crack me up, girl! Giggling over the poo story! But my favorite line:

    "Since I was more rested I was able to cuss out baby daddy with much more vigor and umph"

    Bwahahhahahah! Gotta love breastfeeding!

  3. @The Mommy I promise I meant that. I dropped more F bombs on him than ever before. :-) and the poo story amost banned her to a water hose sitting on th toliet. I was just to wanted to just die.

  4. I love to tell the poo story of my now 22 year old son. He was almost 2 at the time. Seems he's an artistic fellow. I woke up one morning, walked into his nursery to see a naked baby in the crib, finger painting huge, messy circles on the wall. His "paint"? Poo, of course!

    I shrieked, ran out of the room, only to return with big rubber gloves. I held him at arms length all the way to the bathtub to hose him off. Then went to clean the walls. And the crib. And the floor. Gah!!

    Thank god my baby girl is absolutely repulsed by poo at only 20 months old! I couldn't live through that again...

  5. @The Mommy OMG my son is 18 and only because he reads my blog will I not tell the story of his poo'n crib story that invloved yellow gloves and washing curtains...let's just say it wasn't peanut butter on his teeth. Gotta love the babies.

  6. Happy Birthday Muffin! And I agree with the mommy, love that line!