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Monday, January 3, 2011

Sweet 16 can still be sweet...*whn you post pushing a basket spell check loses*

My daughter turned 16 today. She is excited and I think for some reason she may have had a revelation of some sort. It might just be me but she seems to walk a lil different, hold her head a lil different, her voice seems a lil different. Maybe its just me seeing things. I look back on when I was 16. I remember thinking I was the shit. I aint gonna lie. Every pic I took I always had the "swear to god" pose. Yes I swore to god I was looking good. I can even recall my favorite outfit. Red tight as I could get them without my mama kicking my ass jean, a red shirt, red belt, red and white shoes. LOL I looked just like a tomatoe. But if you asked me back I was swearing to god that I was the cutest thing alive and I had the biggest but. I proudly wore the title of donkey butt. Me and my best friend Mo skipped school and went to coney island and shared wing dings and chili cheese fries. *halo crooked and cocked to the side* Maybe I have started down memory lane and relived a moment I know I cant get back but thats what I want my daughter to do. Have a moment to look back on and no regrets by making bad choices. Yes I skipped school to add 1000 calories to my diet but the kids these days skip school to add a baby to there life or vd. I dont want to be a kill joy but I want my daughter to continue being a teen and living a teen life. I want her to look back on her sweet 1 and kno that she lived as a kid and didnt grow up to soon. Okay im done. Toodles!


  1. Happy birthday to your daughter. Isn't it fun to remember those days? I had the BIGGEST hair at my high school and I thought I looked soooo good!!

  2. I use to part my hair down the middle and frenchbraid one half and curl the other..LOL! And I couldn't be told I wasn't looking good. Chile I looked at some school pics and wanted to go slap my mama for letting me do my hair like that. Yes the high school memories are classic. And btw "big hair" still is in...just ask snookie :-)