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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I am so sorry.....

I work for a fundraising company and enjoy the work I do when we call for donations for vets, any forms of cancer, spinal cord injuries ect. However the job has been a slap in my face. You may say, what do you mean. Well imma be honest, I hate telemarkers....they call all day everyday...even if truely they are all different callers they all sound the same asking for money. Well I use to LIVE for the "CUSS A MOTHERFUCKKA OUT" the moment a telemarketer rang my phone on some ole bullshyt.....but alas....Had I just maybe once closed my dam mouth and jus heard them out and was a little polite even IF I was not gonna donate the meaness and the nasty attitude was not needed. True the calls come at inconvenient times most of the time, but they are just doing there job. *I never thought Id say that before* That's how they feed there family. Yes when you tell them no, your not interested...yeah there gonna try to overcome that "no" to get the donation but they mean no harm. All the cussing or simply hanging up in they face is just mean. HOWEVER....there are a few telemarketers who are fucking rude over aggressive and down right disrespectful and yes mama imma continue to cuss those particular mothafucking asses out! BELIEVE THAT! Lemme give you a few examples of what I have been thru jus today.....Good Moring I'm calling on behalf of "such&such"...responses.....Bitch, I ain't got no money......Don't call here mothafucka......Suck my wallet got wallet wallet wanna make a mothafucking wish, can you do that?....those are just a few....not including the flat out hangups immediatley after hello or dead in the middle of the pitch or lie and say they will donate, get transfered to the processing center and then "fuck you I ain't donating shyt"....SMH....Karma maybe for my many years of hangups and cuss outs?.....maybe....or is this just what a telemarketer learns to deal with, it comes with the territory....I think a lil bit of both. Well if I happen to call you, I guess Ill just have to wait and see.
I don't use spell check, I'm just saying

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