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Sunday, August 29, 2010

What works best in your household (Discipline)

Y'all know I love me some Walmart. I went there to grab a few items for muffin and afew household items. I know kids will be kids and whine, ect. So dont get me wrong, I by no means birthed saints but my kids don't cut up in public on the level I saw today. This mother was there with a baby about 6 to 9months in a carseat and she had 2 small kids girl/boy ages 3 to 6yrs. No matter what she said to the those little kids they ran aisles away from her. Just acted a fool. They pulled clothes off the racks and snatched and pulled at her buggy shaking the baby many times. Last but not least, they were hitting and kicking there mother when she tried to grab them to keep them near. This mother appeared to be shopping alone. At least while I was looking no one ever came to her. I didn't understand her with all the "stop that", "no, come here, RIGHT NOW", "don't make me come get you", "wait till we get home", "WHAT DID I SAY", she kept saying those things and not exactly in that order. Couldn't of been me, Ill tell ya that much. I don't play that shit. Now I don't know about you, but in my house a spanking can have your name written on it personally. Many of us was raised different. Some of us the had a "time-out" discipline only parents.....and others had "the wood-shed" discipline parents.....I'm no expert but I'm pretty dam good at being a mother and using good judgement as to what discipline fit the "crime" so to speak. Cause spanking is not the answer to all behaviour. Time out does work...taking things away does work and restrictions of that nature *disclaimer* (kids are no criminals, LOL) I remember keeping a thin ruler around to tap up hands in a mintue of my misbehaving kids. The ruler was always the LAST resort. Never first choice. I give my kids ample warning for misbehaving. I feel teaching your children starts at home. Its no fucking way toddlers should be comfortable enough to kick the shit out there parent. I feel my kids have a healthy fear of me...NOT fear for their lives, not fear in the since of being scard of me, but a fear of disappointing me, and fear of consequences when you disobey. Some will say I was not raised the "wood-shed" and I don't believe in spanking. So I know some of you are going to blast me, and that's okay too. Opinions make the world go round. Me personally, I'm for a tanning of the hyde, and those lil boogars at walmart would of got it if they was mine, I'm so fucking serious. SMH. I felt so deeply embarrassed for her. However to each there own method of discipline and what works best in your household.


  1. My parents spanked, although seldomly. I was afraid of my dad and not because he was mean, he was of the dead-calm "I'm so serious" variety that I knew not to cross him. I always feel embarrassed for moms too when their kids are crazy in public!

  2. i feel you i spanked as a kid also and my dad was the business we knew not to cross him and we knew to listen he didnt even have to hit us he had this look that would stop us in our tracks and we knew to stop doing what we were doing thats min and that sec.